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No Lights, No Sirens (?)

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
ISBNs: 0-06-227198-9, 0 06 227198 9, 978-0-06-227198-3, 978 0 06 227198 3
The Corruption and Redemption of an Inner City Cop, A New York Police Officer's relentless journey into the criminal netherworld, told with brutal truth and honesty. Perhaps Neitzsche described Rob Cea's life best, way before he was born: "Take care when chasing the animals; for you can very well become the animal you are chasing." No Lights, No Sirens is a sojourn so dirty and nasty it defies belief. Rob Cea starts off as an idealistic young cop, a true believer in the system for which he works tirelessly. He is sadly mistaken. The system he tried so hard to appease ultimately led to his downfall and the ruination of his life. What separates this from other copandrobber stories is the brutal authenticity from the cop himself. We will see and hear exactly what is discussed in a patrol car. We will see how the law wasand isroutinely bent to make collars stick any way possible. And we will see how Cea slowly spirals to depths of hell. No Lights, No Sirens is simplistic in its scope: A young idealistic boy becomes a man through fire, and then becomes exactly what he has been chasing for so long, a hardened man possessed by demons. With rapid fire and gritty narrative, Cea writes about his fall to the depths, and his salvation. We see the dark side of detective work in New York's most crimeriddled neighborhoods from a first-hand view never before seen.

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