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Miguel Palacios Lleras (?):

Investing in Human Capital: A Capital Markets Approach to Student Funding (?)

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ISBNs: 0-521-03952-5, 0 521 03952 5, 978-0-521-03952-9, 978 0 521 03952 9
A Capital Markets Approach to Student Funding, Most higher education finance literature assumes that students cannot pledge their future earnings to finance their education in a free society. Investing in Human Capital challenges that assumption and explores human capital contracts as an alternative mechanism for financing higher education. Investing in Human Capital tracks the roots of the idea behind human capital contracts, discusses the beneficial consequences they would have on students and on higher education markets, and describes how they can develop in light of the innovations that have taken place in financial markets during the last decades. The book also explores the challenges - ethical and financial - that such instruments face and offers implementation alternatives that can bring about their existence in the context of a national higher education financing program.

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