Joseph W. Burrell (?):

Libertarian Attack Against Liberty (?)

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
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Libertarian Attack Against Liberty: Inequality is ballooning in the land of equal opportunity. This is inevitable due to the false belief held by almost everyone: that American capitalism is democratic and freedom loving. This book aims to shed some light on that misconception and take some air out of the balloon. From the early 20th century, fascism has infected the whole world, and the government of the United States has often supported it as an imagined bulwark against communism. Wherever economic, political, and religious power have been combined and paired with military and police power, totalitarian fascism has been the outcome. More and more, the United States itself has become increasingly fascist - especially when the Republican Party controls the government.This book reveals the corporatist nature of the libertarian movement and the effects of libertarian sentiment on the Republican Party. Ebook

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