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Marchlewski, Thomas (?):

I Die therefore I Buy (?)

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Revision with unchanged content. Most of us are scared by the mere thought of our lethal fate and even if we try not to think about it, our mortality comes to mind more or less frequently and conflicts with our instinct for self-preservation and self-determination. In response to this, humans have developed several cognitive and behavioral strategies for the management of this existential problem. The present book addresses this human dilemma and its consequences, and further looks to examine how existential fears influence our day-to-day consumer behavior. According to Terror Management Theory, people may overcome their fundamental fears by establishing a shared cultural protection system that provides their world with meaning, order, and stability. Since consumer products and brands may be seen as significant parts of our (consumer) culture, it is empirically investigated whether and under what circumstances commodities can act as symbols that provide meaning by signifying our culture, worldviews, and identity and whether and why they are used by us as a means of ameliorating our existential fears. This book mainly targets consumer behavior researchers as well as marketing, branding, and advertising executives.156 S. 220 mmVersandfertig in 3-5 Tagen, Softcover

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