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Heroes without Words (?)

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
ISBNs: 7-5033-1347-1, 7 5033 1347 1, 978-7-5033-1347-9, 978 7 5033 1347 9
Heroes without Words: Grandpa is a man who walks through life in mystery and silence grandma is a woman who does not learn a word but is dull of wisdom and conscience. This pair of couple for half a century constituted this book`s solemn and stirring heavy main line. In a story parallel to the line We often see the extraordinary retentive memory figures of the third uncle, Xi sister, the second grandma and the third grandma, especially the unforgettable one is the elfin like the star suddenly pass across the night sky--- Mei and Mo Xiong, Peng Pai and Lu Zhiying, those famous or unknown heroes who fought with grandpa in that age. They constitute the sacred sacrifice of the red altar of the Chinese revolution together. And all this, through the granddaughter of grandpa-- my view, mu conduse and my love and hate, become a world that one cannot imagine and understand. After reading it , the readers sigh it and reflect on the revolution that swept across the whole of the twentieth Century to this day. Ebook

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