Yan Xinning (?):

Chinese Andaunty (?)

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
ISBNs: 7-5033-1778-7, 7 5033 1778 7, 978-7-5033-1778-1, 978 7 5033 1778 1
Chinese Andaunty: Xiamen writer Yan Xinning`s novel Chinese Parents was published by PLA literature and Art Publishing House as a series of books of commemorate the victory of the Anti Japanese War 60th anniversary and the social repercussions are strong. At present, the 51 sets of storytelling Chinese Parents adopted by the novel of the same name by Yuan Tian, the famous storytelling performance artist Yuan Kuocheng`s daughter and a storytelling actor is broadcasting in Central People`s Broadcasting Station &quote voice of China&quote column. Chinese Parents tells that after the victory of the Anti Japanese war on the black land of Northeast China, Du Juan, Du Huashan, Chen Qiao, Lao Gan, those ordinary Chinese, with the pain left by the Japanese War of aggression against China, resolutely raised Japanese orphans in China. Ebook

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