Zhang Weiming (?):

Gate and the Bow (1949) (?)

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Von Händler/Antiquariat
ISBNs: 7-5033-1937-2, 7 5033 1937 2, 978-7-5033-1937-2, 978 7 5033 1937 2
Gate and the Bow: The novel Gates is divided into three volumes: Horse, Bow and Shot the Sun. It describes the story of China`s last generation of bow and arrow cavalry, who fought bravely against Japan from the northern grasslands and peacefully liberated into Peking in 1949. Gates turns our attention to grassland and a special period in which the Chinese revolution was transferred from war to peace. It arranged the cavalry of the Eight Route Army, adapted from the Anti Japanese armed forces of the steppes on the stage of the throes of the evolution of cold weapons and thermal weapons and explores the life course and spiritual map of those areas with the singular personality and fate peculiar, strange behavior of cavalry commander Ba Gen, colonel Ling Yanxiao, caption Qing Geli, Wu Liji, Dao Erji, Ta Muer and the &quote king ear&quote which is full of legendary quality in the cold weapon Era. Ebook

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